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        Xuzhou Sunwell Power Transmission Machinery Co.,Ltd.

        About Us

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        Xuzhou Sunwell Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of power transmission and electro-hydraulic control equipment, a professional trading agent for industrial hydraulic equipment, and a powerful dealer in China`s hydraulic equipment industry.
        The company is an agent of the world-famous Sauer-Danfoss. Meanwhile, we also supply hydraulic products of other brands, like Comatrol, Turolla, Hydro-Gear, Fairfield, Kpm, Shurflo, Dana, etc.
        Our products include plunger pump and motor, gear pump and motor, hydraulic valve, hydrostatic drive unit, (planetary) gear box, planetary reducer, coupler, steering gear, transmission, actuator, pressure transmitter, temperature sensor, water pump, hydraulic hose, filter, power unit and electronic control element, etc.
        With abundant resources, the company has the advantages to provide customers first-class intelligent power transmission control parts of high price performance ratio.
        Our products are widely used in new energy industry and related industries, like non-high speed mobile equipment, like wind turbine, solar equipment, construction machinery, agricultural/forestry machinery, petroleum machinery, coal mine/metallurgical machinery, shipping, airport and special firefighting vehicle, etc.
        With years of efforts, we have achieved great achievements and won the customers` confidence and support. We will always provide customers quality products and services. With the fundamental concept of "integrity first", we promise that we will be customer-centered and care more about the details and guarantee the customers` benefits. We will keep making innovation, improve ourselves, cooperate for win-win and scale new heights.
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